A database of the world occurrences of shatter cones

Shatter cones are the only macroscopic criteria for the recognition of impact structures. They are  exclusively associated with impact structures and produced following the passage of strong shock waves. However, these objets remain enigmatic and their formation is not understood. This website presents a comprehensive survey of the worldwide occurrence of shatter cones and also presents an up-to-date survey of the literature on this topic (back to the seminal publication of Branco and Fraas in 1905 who was the first to describe shatter cones at the Steinheim Basin).

The website has been made available at the occasion of the special issue « Shatter Cones: Nature and Genesis » published in Meteoretical & Planetary Science in 2016. The database and the following list of articles promise an important step forward, and a renewed effort to resolve the enigmatic origin of these important features.

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The website and database is maintained by David Baratoux.
Laboratoire Geosciences Environnement Toulouse.